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Relief for Anxiety Disorder

Some of us have a natural tendency to worry, but for those with anxiety disorders, the worrying goes deeper than that. There is a mental, physical, and emotional disruption to everyday activities because of the debilitating anxiety. Therapists describe anxiety as the experience of having panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, and worrying that will not subside. […]

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Tips to Cope With Holiday Depression

During November and December, most of us are winding down to enjoy a time of celebration and happiness. However, this is not always the case as holiday stress, and anxiety can increase one’s susceptibility to depressive thoughts and emotions. Depression therapists have found that many of our clients experience increased ranges of loneliness and lack […]

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Healing Rituals for the Holidays during Grief Recovery

Going through the holiday season during your grief recovery period can be challenging and painful. The thought of not having your loved one around can turn family gatherings into stressful events, especially if your family have particular traditions that involved the participation of the loved one. During this holiday, if you are having a difficult […]

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What to Expect During Therapy or Counseling

There are many counseling and therapy professional services in Houston. It can be intimidating to seek help when there is so much stigma around mental health and counseling services out there. You may be wondering what you should expect and what can you indeed gain out of a therapist or a counselor. Or, you may […]

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How to Suggest Counseling to Your Partner

If you think that you have a great relationship and do not need any couples counseling, you may be right, but that is also the big myth around couple’s therapy. A relationship does not need to be in turmoil for a couple to seek Houston couples counseling. Having a partner that agrees with your decision […]

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