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Grief Recovery Center is a private outpatient mental health counseling practice located in Houston, Texas. We are a team of licensed therapists in Houston dedicated to providing confidential counseling services and compassionate care. We serve all ages, provide counseling, and offer The Grief Recovery® Program.

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Houston Therapist Success Stories

I had a great experience with Asma and the program. It certainly educated me on aspects of grief of which I was not aware. With each session building on the previous, I think the program walked me through the process so that I had maximum benefit.


This is one of the few times I felt total absence of judgment.


When I came to Asma, I was on the edge of breaking down (depression). This program helped me gain closure and control.


Learned a lot and felt good to spend time actively grieving with an end result in mind.


I am glad I started and completed the process.


I was able to properly grieve the good parts of my relationship that I have lost. It was very healing for me.


Through this program, I have become whole again, will always remember her, and am forever changed. Thank you.


This experience afforded me the opportunity to explore my feelings, deal with them so that I could move on.


I am surprised by the feelings of relief and the beginning of a sense of 'OK-ness' about my loss... Unexpectedly surprised and thankful.


It helped me pull out of the pain and loss and relieved so much of the grief. I’m very thankful.


The experience of the program gave me hope for my future.


I was able to focus on my grief and work through the good and bad memories. I was able to openly express my feelings and definitely feeling less heavier


I have been able to speak about my loved one with others, share memories and stories without as much fear.



Grief Recovery Center Counseling Services

At Grief Recovery Center, our Houston counselors provide support for all types of grief including, death of a loved one, divorce, break-up, pet loss, miscarriage, chronic illness, and any other significant loss. We understand just how difficult it can be to overcome grief – and work hard to provide solutions that will help you and your family find comfort in your time of need. In addition to grief counseling, we also provide options for those seeking help with anxiety, self-esteem, depression, anger, and more. Below you’ll find additional ways we can help you and your family.

In addition to grief counseling, we provide counseling for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Alcohol and/or drug use
  • Trauma
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress management
  • Difficult transitions
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal growth
  • LGBT issues
  • Anger
  • And more

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Let's face it, relationships require hard work. With all of life's stress, many couples think breaking up or divorcing is the best option. However, if the couple is willing to put in the hard work, couples counseling can save the relationship. Couples counseling can be helpful in finding ways to grow and foster the relationship or to come to an agreement to end the relationship in a healthy manner.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, also known as talk therapy, counseling or psychotherapy, is a confidential and therapeutic environment between a therapist and client. This form of therapy is collaborative in nature and focuses on how a client can change and improve their quality of life.

Individual Therapy   →

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy or family counseling is a form of therapy designed to help families through issues or concerns that affect the mental health of the family. Family therapy focuses on problems that affect the family unit, instead of on an individual basis.

Family Therapy   →

Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief affects many areas of our lives: emotionally, behaviorally, physically, spiritually, and cognitively. Because grief impacts us on various levels, it’s healthy and important to cope with grief.

Grief and Loss Counseling   →

Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

Depression affects millions of people and is characterized by a sad and disconnected mood. The individual suffering from depression may not respond to external attempts at being cheered and may continue to progress towards suicidal thoughts.

Depression Therapy   →

The Grief Recovery Program

Anxiety Treatment

Many people believe anxiety is just worrying a lot, however, anxiety goes beyond that. An individual experiencing anxiety can be effected cognitively, emotionally and physically. Anxiety is a common mental health challenge that impacts children and adults.

Anxiety Treatment   →

The Grief Recovery Program

The Grief Recovery® Program

The Grief Recovery® Program is an action-based, 7-week program that allows you to work through your grief on an individual basis. This reputable program, created by John W. James and Russell Friedman, has been used for more than 35 years to help grievers from all over the world.

The Grief Recovery Program   →

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