Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, you are not alone. Millions of couples all over the world go through periods of discontent, stress, anxiety, and more. You may think you are alone, but we want you to know you don’t have to try to manage the strains of your relationship on your own. Therapy can help you find a work-life balance and build a new connection with your spouse.

Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX has a team of dedicated and highly trained marriage counseling therapists to help you and your partner come together, renew your well-being, and become stronger.

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Partners Counseling Treatment Therapy

Our licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) at our office in Houston, TX take pride in helping couples and are trained to identify what is causing grief in their relationship. They work together with you and your partner on your concerns to ensure that you both leave feeling more secure about your partnership. Our counselors also help you and your partner have a clear vision of how to manage all life changes, stress, and questions in the future.

Insight into Your Interconnection Relationship

When couples can identify the source of their struggles, they become more equipped to deal with them. When working with your therapist, you and your partner will dig deep into your relationship and life to discover feelings about yourselves you might not have known were there. Working to repair your relationship and renew your connection through therapy with our professionals is our number one priority.

Partnership Consultation

If you have decided to seek help, then you likely already know that there is going to be a lot of work involved to repair your life. The key to success is communication; both partners should want to move past the relationship difficulties during your therapy session. Your therapist in Houston, TX can work with you and your partner to identify what was good about your relationship so you can start heading toward a new connection.

Rebuilding trust can take time, but if both partners are committed to making things work, then our couples therapists in TX can help you.

Grow Your Relationship in Couples Counseling in Houston

It is not uncommon for either partner to say they have grown apart over the years. These changes can significantly impact the success of a relationship if both partners aren’t willing to work through the changes together in family therapy.

When you decide to work with a marriage counseling therapist at our office in Houston, you will work on your relationship, discover more about yourself, and find ways to communicate better.

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Own Your Feelings in a Safe Environment

People often find it hard to talk about how they have changed, and many couples find it easier to blame the change on someone else. By taking ownership of all the changes you have experienced, you can learn to present yourself in a way that makes you more confident and proud of who you are, making it easier to work through the counseling process.

Relationship Therapy & Counseling

The most common counseling approach to couple’s therapy starts with an assessment of the relationship itself and each struggle that occurs in the marriage. This assessment can include information about your history and the dynamics between you and your partner. You might explore your family history with your partner and vice versa.

You’ll have a chance to discuss your values, what you wanted in the beginning, and how each conflict might have changed over time. Finally, you and your partner might explore factors that are influencing your relationship, both good and bad. It’s also important to discuss tension and work through any issue that could impact the relationship.

Partnership Assessments Help You and Your Counselor

The assessment interview helps your counselor understand each partner. Our experience has shown that an outside assessment of a situation can often shed light on underlying factors and issues that might impact the couple.

What Will You Learn in Couples Therapy

What individuals expect to discover and what they discover require a different approach. It is a personal process that involves a lot of trust and patience on behalf of the couple, as well as the counselor.

You need to be willing to trust the process and be uncomfortable with some parts of the therapy sessions so that you can get the most out of them. You should also be prepared to make family decisions and decide how to move forward in your relationship.

During your counseling sessions in Houston, you might learn to:

    • Improve your communication skills and be heard by your partner
    • Build trust with one another
    • Feel safe together at all times
    • Enjoy more fun times together
    • Resolve concerns without malice
    • Become closer to your partner
    • Love your partner more than you thought
    • Deepen intimacy levels
    • Better understand your partner and renew your passion

Bring an Open Mind

If you are attending a couples session, the one thing you need to bring with you is an open mind. To find comfort in your relationship, you need to be willing to talk about concerns and problems. Your couples therapist in Houston can help you maintain a space for an open mind during your sessions so that you and your partner can get the most out of therapy.

The Key to Couples Counseling

Sometimes, it can be difficult for one or both individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, worries, anxieties, dreams, and hopes for the relationship. For the therapy services to be effective, each partner needs to do their share of the work when it comes to communication. Communication is one of the most effective tools in the partner guidance toolbox, and your psychologist in Houston can help you express yourself in a way that is both effective and nurturing.

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How Can Couples Therapy Strengthen Your Relationship?

Couples feel more at ease with therapy in Houston when they know what to expect during their counseling services.

Creates deeper mutual understanding

Several factors shape each conflict for couples, but the most prominent is miscommunication or misunderstandings. Relationship dynamics are unique to each pair, but when arguments or disagreements arise, it’s usually caused by a breakdown in communication.

During your couples counseling in Houston, an experienced psychotherapist is there to help you through conflict by asking non-judgmental questions with a safe approach for you and your partner to learn new patterns about your relationship that you never understood before.

Reconstitutes the foundation

Most romantic relationships or marriages are built on a solid foundation. So, when a situation occurs that shakes things, it can be difficult to move past the distress.

Couples who realize that they cannot resolve the aftermath of an affair alone, often find that marriage counselors can give them insight and accurate guidance as to what the next steps may be. They often feel alone and shocked as to what happened, but during relationship counseling, a therapist can help them realize that there is hope if they stay committed to keeping the bond through the hard work that is ahead of them.

If the couple wants to move past the situation they are in, strategies to improve communication and rebuild a broken foundation will be immediately implemented as a part of their session. As trust is what was broken, the sessions will be long-term because it takes time to heal and regain confidence in one another.

Realigns your values during marriage counseling

As the years go by, many couples in Houston find themselves growing apart rather than growing together. This leads to breakups and divorces because couples are not willing to work through and overcome the hopelessness. Often, these ideas have to do with having different values and beliefs about life, whether that be the way you raise children, religious beliefs, or financial issues.

With our licensed relationship counseling couples therapists at Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX, couples will learn that their differences can be a blessing if they learn how to complement each other. The couple will get assistance in figuring out who they authentically are and how the issues can progress towards resolution. Ultimately, the couple will have the chance to discover what works best for them.

Establish boundaries and responsibilities

There are responsibilities and boundaries to relationships that many couples are unaware of when they seek help. So, the goal of a couples therapist is to help couples assess the relationship in its current state and any previous history of problems and challenges.

Our licensed mental health professionals may go as far as exploring relationship dynamics within the couple’s family trees. All of these factors can come into play when establishing boundaries and figuring out the responsibilities of each individual within the relationship. Overall, all factors will be discussed to form a better partnership to improve intimacy, life stressors, and coping skills.

Modifies behaviors detrimental to the relationship

A toxic relationship that can be harmful to either individual will be thoroughly evaluated in cases where there may be risks of abuse or violence. Recommendations for individual counseling sessions and other related treatments may be brought up to further reparation and healing. The goal is to modify behaviors that can cause emotional, financial, and/or economic harm.

We Want to Help You Succeed in Your Marriage

We hope this information helped you determine if a mental health professional is right for your relationship. If you need couples counseling, contact Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX to schedule a phone consultation by calling us at (832) 413-2410 today. We can help you overcome any relationship issues you may have.

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