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If you are worried about your family’s future, family therapy might be right for you.

Every family is unique. Every family has their own problems and issues that they deal with on a regular basis. Sometimes, though, these problems and issues can feel like they are getting out of control, and it can be hard for a family to set itself back on the right track.

Family therapy is a form of therapy that helps your family navigate the issues that are deeply personal to your family unit. Also known as family counseling, family therapy can help to keep your family together, manage problems that impact the entire family, and provide family members with the skills to cope with issues that might arise in the future.

Rather than focusing on the issues or concerns of one person, family counseling strives to identify and address problems that affect, or could affect, everyone in the family.

Why Should Your Family Consider Therapy?

Every family who attends family counseling will work to determine a treatment goal for their sessions. Some families might want to deal with behavior, misbehavior, or communication. What’s different about family therapy is that a lot of time is spent looking at the family unit as a whole.

If a family is struggling to manage a child’s behavior, family therapy will look at what family factors could be contributing to the child’s behavior rather than focusing on the child. This helps open the dialogue on how each member of the family impacts one another, and thus impacts the dynamic of the family unit overall.

Family Therapy Helps Manage Many Situations

Family therapy helps families overcome real issues that affect their everyday life. Many families fall apart because they don’t seek help to save their relationships.

Undergoing family therapy teaches family members how to manage their emotions, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and words to navigate these important and valuable relationships. Some of the topics often discussed during a session include:

  • Conflict between parents and children
  • Conflict between children
  • Behavior issues at home or school
  • Parental substance abuse
  • Child substance abuse
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Blended family transitions and growth
  • Mental illness
  • Eating disorders
  • Major life transitions including death, divorce, moving, financial issues, and even pet loss.

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What Does Family Counseling Houston Involve?

One of the most important aspects of family therapy is being open to learning about the entire family, not just learning about the individuals associated within the family.  Discussions and resolutions are focused on serving the entire family throughout the sessions.

Working with one of our licensed family therapists, your family will learn how they currently function and make a plan for how they want to function. You’ll identify conflict within the family and seek to find resolutions for those conflicts together. Everyone is involved in all aspects of the family therapy session. The idea is that if everyone tackles the issues together, everyone will have a deeper sense of commitment for maintaining the solution.

As a family, you’ll also learn how to cope with future issues that might arise. Your family therapist will be there every step of the way to help you and your family find the peace you are seeking.

The Role of Your Family Counselor in Houston

Many family therapists use systems theory as a starting point for every family they meet. This process involves examining how the family functions internally and how that currently affects every member of the family. The idea behind systems theory is that conflicts must be identified and managed between family members in order for everyone to contribute to the success of the family.

Your family therapist will also use a number of other therapies to provide your family with the tools it needs to identify and manage issues including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and emotionally-focused therapy.

Our highly trained and licensed family therapists know that no two families are the same, and so, no two therapy sessions will be the same. Each of these therapeutic modalities, or processes, are tailored to your unique family needs, to ensure you get the most out of your family counseling sessions.

What are Other Therapy Options for Your Family?

During your sessions, it is not uncommon for a family therapist to suggest individual therapy for each member of the family to give them time to work through issues that are affecting them individually. This type of therapy might include traditional individual therapy, couples counseling, group counseling or community support such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, parenting classes, and more.

When families come it is because they are ready to make a change and want to work together to become the family they imagined they would be; individual therapy, in addition to family therapy, can have a profound impact on people and improve the chances of success that much more.

How Long Does Family Counseling Last?

When a family comes to our center for therapy sessions, they often ask how long the sessions will take. It’s important to remember that getting the help your family needs shouldn’t have an expiration date. We know you are anxious to work through your issues and restore balance in your family, but these things can take time.

The length of a session will depend upon the goals of the family, the commitment of the family unit to follow through on session deliverables, and each person’s commitment to the therapy session. While some sessions might not require every member of the family be present, each person in the family should be taking responsibility for their part in repairing the relationship at large.

Some families will come to therapy for a few weeks or months, while others will remain in therapy for years. When you meet with our licensed family therapists to discuss your needs, a therapeutic plan with a timeline will be established and adjusted as time goes on, to accommodate the goals you set for your family.

What are the Benefits of Family Counseling?

Many families find comfort when working with a licensed family therapist. You’re able to come up with solutions to your family’s unique needs in a safe and welcoming space.

When you come to the Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX for family therapy, you’ll be doing your family a great service. Our licensed and highly trained family therapists  can see things in your relationships, and the family unit, that you might not have even realized were there. Getting to the heart of the problem (or problems) is the first step in giving your family peace.

Several benefits include:

  • Working together as a family to solve a problem
  • Learning to identify problems
  • Learning to determine solutions to problems
  • Being more open to discussion
  • Learning to communicate without anger or frustration
  • Learning to contribute to the family
  • Becoming more self-aware of actions impacting the family unit
  • Resolving past conflicts that linger
  • Reducing the risk of family separation
  • Improving personal and professional performance
  • Identifying opportunities for individual therapy
  • Making a plan for the future

Don’t Sit in Silence

Whether you’re a new couple just starting your life together, or you’ve been married for 30 years with grown children, learning how to communicate as a family unit will positively impact your family relationships. If something is bothering you about your family dynamic, working with a licensed professional can help you work through these issues and communicate with your family in a way that won’t permanently affect your overall relationships.

Working with a licensed family therapist will give you and your family a safe and inclusive environment to address their thoughts and issues with what is happening in the family unit. If you can’t talk to your family on your own, reach out to us, and we’ll help you manage your concerns, along with your families concerns, for the better.

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