Five Reasons to Choose Online Therapy

Asma Rehman, LPC

Not everyone can get into an office for counseling services.

Whether it’s scheduling conflicts, location, transportation issues, etc. we know that sometimes an in-office counseling session just isn’t always possible for everyone!

Sometimes clients don’t feel comfortable talking to a counselor in a face-to-face situation. But they know that counseling could help them manage problems they are experiencing.

Online therapy has become a much sought-after alternative. If you’re considering starting your therapy journey but can’t imagine fitting an office visit into your schedule, online therapy could be for you! But a tricky schedule isn’t the only reason people choose online therapy.

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If you haven’t considered it before, here are five reasons people choose online therapy:

1). Leaving the house can be difficult:

Especially in a bad mental state. When we’re experiencing severe anxiety, depression, grief, etc. Motivating ourselves to get up, get dressed, and leave the house in order to have an emotionally draining experience (as beneficial as it is in the long run!) can be a big ask. Instead, starting with online therapy can be a great option for those ready to take steps to care for their mental health. Staying at home and utilizing an online therapy option can help you recognize and tend to your mental and emotional needs in a less overwhelming therapy

2). Stigma:

There is still a tremendous amount of stigma and shame around seeking counseling. Many people think that seeking care is only for people with “problems” or “something wrong with them”–even though that’s not the case! Being able to choose the place you feel comfortable receiving your care can help you focus instead on the counseling itself rather than the stigma associated with it.

3). Can’t get to an office:

One of the most common reasons for choosing online therapy sessions is simply not having the ability to get into an office! The office might be too far for you to be able to get there without taking too much time out of your schedule, you might have your own form of transportation, etc. Choosing online therapy helps you to make adjustments. If you have a tight schedule that doesn’t have enough time to accommodate therapy and the commute to and from, or the lack of (or further issues with) transportation online therapy can help!

4). Widen your selection of therapists:

A major restriction people find when searching for a therapist that is right for them is that there just aren’t enough options in their area! Online therapy allows you to widen your selection of therapists while you search. That way you can find someone great for you without having to physically get to their office.

online therapy

5). Staying centered in the environment that matters:

When we’re starting therapy for the first time, the shift to a new environment where we’re supposed to be emotionally vulnerable can be too much for some of us. Online therapy allows you to stay in the environment of your choosing. This can lessen the stress over starting something new or the anxiety about starting therapy overall. It allows you to learn about yourself and your needs in your own environment instead of a strange room.

Our professional and dedicated therapists and counselors are waiting to help you. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for online therapy services if you think we can help. Contact our counseling office at (832) 413-2410. You can also book an appointment online or schedule an online therapy session. We’re licensed to offer online counseling for the following states: California (Coming Soon), Colorado (Coming Soon) and Texas.

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