Is Online Therapy Effective?

Asma Rehman, LPC

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy is an option that is growing in popularity lately, and with good reason! There are many reasons to choose online therapy. Therapy online allows people to fit therapy into their busy schedules in a space that is comfortable and accessible for them. This type of access can open up therapy as an option for people who are either unable or unwilling to participate in traditional therapy.

However, like with all things, therapy online isn’t for everyone. If you’re on the fence about choosing this type of therapy, here are 6 questions to ask yourself to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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While there are many advantages to choosing online therapy, many people have one big question: Does it work? Is therapy online as effective as traditional in-person therapy? 

Online therapy, or telehealth, has been around in different forms for a while (the Department of Veterans Affairs has been offering remote sessions for 20 years). Even though this option is growing in popularity, there isn’t a huge amount of research on the topic. 

There have been several studies done on the effectiveness of therapy online, and overall, they have found that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. While many of the studies done point out that more research is needed, the research that has been done shows that online therapy is a viable and promising form of therapy that can offer support to people who traditionally lack access to therapy.  

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Different disorders require different levels of treatment, so it’s hard to make general statements about exactly how effective therapy online is for every aspect of mental health.

However, the American Psychological Association has developed guidelines around telepsychology, supporting the idea that online therapy is here to stay. 

Is Online Therapy Effective?

For people with severe psychiatric illnesses or complicated problems, therapy online probably isn’t the best choice. Severe disorders often require direct, hands-on treatment that online therapy just can’t replicate, so that’s a factor to keep in mind. There may also be some difficulty in opening up to someone you’ve never met before in person, and it can sometimes be tricky for words, body language, and emotions to translate over text and video instead of face to face. 

It’s important to keep in mind that therapy is a highly individual experience, and what works or doesn’t work for someone else might not be the same for you. If therapy online seems like a good fit for your lifestyle or allows you access that you didn’t have before, then it can be a great option! After all, one in five adults in the US experience mental illness, so different options for help may support more folks to seek treatment.

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