Online Therapy in Texas: Easy, Convenient and Secure

Getting treatment for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be beneficial. But what if you have difficulty finding a therapist in your area or you can’t get to a therapist’s office for an in-person session? Now, there’s an easy and affordable answer.

Online Therapy in Texas

What is Online Counseling and How Does It Work?

Online counseling services are like in-person counseling. The sessions are led by licensed therapists who are qualified to help people with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and more.

The format of online therapy may vary from provider to provider and person to person. Counseling may take place via video or phone.

Your online therapy session may be at a scheduled time, but you may also have the option of reaching out to your therapist between sessions for advice or support.

Online Therapy Has Many Benefits

The therapy you receive online, whether it’s via video conferencing or phone, has many of the same benefits that you would experience if you went to see a therapist in person. Here are some of the benefits of counseling online.

Online Therapy is Convenient

The biggest benefit of online sessions with a therapist is that they are convenient. You won’t need to travel to get to a remote location. Sometimes, clients spend valuable time in traffic, or they simply don’t have time in their busy schedules for therapy. With online therapy, you can have a session from the comfort of your home or office.

Secure Telehealth Counseling

One of the most common concerns people express about online counseling services is that they are worried about the security of the information they share. Our online and video therapy sessions use secure telehealth counseling that’s HIPAA-compliant, so you never need to worry about security.

Ongoing Support

Virtual counseling offers the opportunity for ongoing support when you need it. With traditional therapy, you might wait days, a week, or more for your next session with no opportunity to talk to your therapist in between meetings. By contrast, when you meet your therapist online, you have the option to text or message them at any time.

More Flexibility

Our goal is to make counseling convenient for clients because we want everybody to get to a counseling center. In rural areas, people may sometimes travel for hours in bad weather to get to a therapy office. Long-distance counseling is an option online, giving clients and counselors the flexibility they need. You can even have a session on your lunch break!

Safer Than in-Person Sessions

If you’re someone who has a lot of social anxiety, it may feel safer to meet with someone online via a video counseling session than it would be meeting for in-person counseling. During times of social distancing, it is also safer to meet remotely than in person.

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Types of Online Therapy We Offer in Texas

We offer an array of online professional counseling services in Texas to help you with any mental health concerns or interpersonal issues you might be having.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances and complicated grief may require treatment. Our counselors help clients sort through the complex emotions of loss, including anger, depression, and even relief.

Depression Therapy

Depression is a common problem and proper treatment is necessary if clients are to get cope and get better. Meeting online with a mental health provider is a convenient way to get a proper diagnosis and guidance to address depression and lead a happier life.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is the most diagnosed mental health condition and one that requires treatment with a mental health counselor. Working with a therapist can help to identify the sources of a client’s anxiety disorder and give them the coping mechanisms they need to deal with stressful life situations.

Abuse Therapy

People who have been subjected to physical, sexual, mental, or emotional abuse can benefit greatly from mental health treatment with a therapist. Our online therapists have experience working with abuse victims and helping them heal.

Trauma Counseling

Experiencing traumatic stress has the potential to chemically alter your brain and can impact the decisions you make for years to come. Our counselors have the professional experience to help online clients with trauma, so they can improve their lives.

Family Therapy

Families may sometimes have difficulty navigating their relationships with one another. Working with an experienced family therapist can help to resolve dysfunction and improve interfamilial relationships

Couples Counseling

Being in any type of intimate relationship comes with its problems and difficulties. Telehealth sessions with an experienced relationship therapist can help couples work through their negative patterns and challenges to improve their relationship.

Online Therapy for Preteens and Teens

Preteens and teens often experience the drama of life in a way that adults have a difficult time understanding. Seeing a therapist regularly can help teens get in touch with their emotions and learn methods to safely cope with them.

Online Therapy for Children

When children exhibit signs of mental illness or struggle with other issues, getting them therapy as soon as possible is essential. We have online therapists with professional experience treating children, and they can provide an appropriate level of care.

Relationship Conflicts

Relationship conflicts can arise in any relationship at any time. It may be helpful to work with a professional counselor for a single session or on an ongoing basis to resolve the issue and strengthen the relationship.

Anger Management

Managing anger can be difficult for everyone at times, but if your anger is impacting your daily life, it may be worthwhile to schedule an online appointment with a licensed counselor who can help you understand and control your anger.

Common Questions About Online Therapy in Texas

Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive about online therapy in Texas.

Probably — most people are! You will need a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, a reliable internet connection, and a device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The lack of a stable internet connection is the one issue that might make in-person therapy more suitable for you.
Your first few sessions present an opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know one another. Your therapist will gather basic information about you and what brought you to therapy, as well as what you hope to get from therapy. In other words, the first session is an essential building block to establish trust and help your therapist help you.
Online counseling offers the same benefits as in-person therapy with the addition of flexibility and convenience. Your online therapy sessions will be effective if you commit to healing and work with your counselor to address the issues that brought you to therapy.
In many cases, the cost of online counseling is in line with the cost of in-person therapy. The professional counselors who work with clients online have the same training and accreditation as those working in a therapy office and they charge the same rates.
Many insurance companies and insurance plans offer coverage for online counseling. If you’re not sure whether your therapy sessions will be covered, you should check with your insurance provider or read your plan to get the details you need. Mental health services are typically listed separately and often specify the number of sessions to be covered. If your health plan doesn’t specifically mention online counseling, you may want to call them to be sure your sessions will be covered before you schedule an appointment.
Online therapy is secure. The services we provide are compliant with HIPAA regulations, which are designed to protect client privacy and ensure that their information is kept safe. They are also secure in the sense that therapists take an oath not to discuss their clients outside of a session. We take your privacy and security seriously and we work to ensure that your online sessions are as secure as possible.
Preparation for your first online therapy session can help you get the most out of your time with your therapist. We suggest thinking about why you scheduled an appointment and most importantly, what you hope to get from therapy. For example, you might want coping mechanisms for anxiety or traumatic stress, help to establish a stable family structure, or assistance overcoming complicated grief. Whatever your reasons, sharing them with your therapist will give them the information they need to guide your sessions and make them as productive as possible.

Find the Happiness You Deserve. Professional Guidance and Support from the Comfort of Home with Online Counseling in Texas

You deserve to live a happy and healthy life. You can get it with professional guidance and support — all from the comfort of your home! Online counseling in Texas is designed to help patients get the help they need with convenient appointment times and ongoing support.

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