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A graphic that reads "The State of Mental Health in Houston, TX" by Grief Recovery Center

The State of Mental Health in Houston, TX

Houston is also a major hub for the healthcare and biomedical industries. It’s home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest of its kind, and where more heart surgeries are performed than anywhere else on the planet. The city seems to have fantastic resources to cater to the physical health of its population. […]

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A graphic that reads A Guide To Overcoming Loneliness In a Relationship over a stock photo of an unhappy couple.

A Guide To Overcoming Loneliness In A Relationship

Have you ever felt loneliness in a relationship? Loneliness isn’t just for single people. Anyone can feel loneliness in a relationship, no matter how many connections they have. No matter how many or what kind of relationships we have, sometimes we all feel lonely. Feeling lonely / loneliness can be an uncomfortable feeling, and it […]

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image of a city street with the crosswalk painted rainbow under the words 7 Resources for Allies During Pride Month

7 Resources for Allies During Pride Month

In the United States, June is recognized as Pride Month. The history of Pride is much different than the way it looks today. While now we think of celebration and parades, Pride started through the Stonewall Riots that occurred in June of 1969. Stonewall is seen as the starting point of the modern LGBTQ+ rights […]

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incomplete grief

5 Signs of Incomplete Grief

The common understanding of grief is that there are five stages. The five stages of grief are: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance The idea is, that until you reach acceptance, your grief isn’t complete. But grief isn’t actually that simple. While you are likely to feel every single one of these stages at different points […]

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How to Get Therapy If You’re Too Busy

When it seems like every moment of your day, and every day of your week is already accounted for, fitting therapy into your schedule can seem like a pipe dream. You’re already juggling so many responsibilities. Maybe you can’t even remember the last time you had a completely free day on your calendar.  Does that […]

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Self Care for the Holiday Season

The holidays are closing in on us, and while for some people that means a time of laughter, cheer, presents, and parties. But for some of us the holidays bring a lot of complicated and hard to handle emotions. With such strong focus on family and celebration, those who have complicated relationships can feel a […]

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6 Ways to Manage Stress at Work

Stress management can be tricky. Many of us don’t realize just how stressed we are until we’re on the verge of burning out. And often, we’re in an environment which easily produces stress, like a workplace. When we’re at work, usually we’re inundated in projects-in-progress, talks of upcoming projects, fears about missed deadlines, worries on […]

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Why Choose Group Counseling?

We know that group counseling can seem daunting. Choosing therapy, opening yourself up to be vulnerable to one person is already difficult. So the idea of taking that relationship and transferring it to a new group of strangers can make people nervous. But group therapy can actually be one of the most effective forms of […]

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What to Expect From Counseling

Seeking counseling can be a life changing experience–but it can also seem incredibly daunting. You might not know where to begin, what to expect or how the process will go. It’s important first to take time to do some research on how find a good counselor, someone who is the right fit for you before […]

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