How to Get Therapy If You’re Too Busy

Asma Rehman, LPC

When it seems like every moment of your day, and every day of your week is already accounted for, fitting therapy into your schedule can seem like a pipe dream. You’re already juggling so many responsibilities. Maybe you can’t even remember the last time you had a completely free day on your calendar. 

Does that mean therapy is completely out of the question for you? 

Maybe not. 

But first, if you’re already so busy, why even bother trying to fit therapy into your schedule?

When we talk about self care, it often sounds like a luxury. Splurging on fancy products or treats, having a bubble bath, etc. And while all of those things are lovely ways to offer ourselves something nice, they aren’t actually self care. 

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Self care is identifying your needs, and prioritizing them. This can be things like: making a meal plan to make sure you have food you enjoy eating, that also nourishes you throughout the week. It can be developing a nightly routine to get you ready for bed so that you can get good & restful sleep. 

It can also come in the form of asking for help, prioritizing support or: getting therapy. We all have our own unique issues we’re dealing with, and we can all benefit from support & an outside perspective while trying to untangle them. 

But what does this have to do with busy people? 

Most likely if you’re constantly busy, you don’t leave much time in your schedule for anything other than what is absolutely necessary for you to get done. Your energy is precious, and as you jump from one thing to another, you find you just don’t have enough to last beyond your to-do list. 

And while this might feel like the roadmap to survival for your busy life, it might actually be holding you back. 

When your schedule is packed with no time for rest, care, or connecting with your needs & desires, you’re much more likely to (very quickly) experience what we call burnout. Burnout  is when we are completely depleted, both in energy and emotion. It’s when we’re physically and mentally exhausted. And when this happens we: 

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Experience difficulty regulating our emotions 
  • Have increased stress

All of which can be addressed in therapy. 

But the main reason therapy is crucial, especially for those with busy schedules, is that it is a regular time dedicated to you and only you. 

In therapy you have an hour every week where you can set aside other’s needs, your daily responsibilities and obligations, & whatever is taking up your schedule and focus simply on yourself. You can take time to explore what you’re feeling, where it’s coming from. You get to dive in and tap into your own needs, your own desires. And you get support to help you power through, even with a busy schedule. 

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One way busy people fit counseling into their schedules is with online counseling sessions. 

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There are many reasons to choose online therapy.  And if you have a jam-packed schedule, online therapy might be the perfect fit for you. 

With online counseling, you get a degree of control you don’t often get in such a busy world. You can stay right in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you feel comfortable). If you don’t have time to drive to an office (or if there is no one around you that takes your insurance), online therapy helps to offer a reduced-stress, convenient alternative to traditional in person therapy. 

One of the most common reasons for choosing online therapy sessions is simply not having the ability to get into an office! 

The office might be too far for you to be able to get there without taking too much time out of your schedule, you might have your own form of transportation, etc. Choosing online therapy helps you to make adjustments. If you have a tight schedule that doesn’t have enough time to accommodate therapy and the commute to and from, or the lack of (or further issues with) transportation online therapy can help!

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Not sure if online therapy is for you? 

We put together a list of six questions to ask when exploring online therapy for the first time. 

Online therapy isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! We offer both online and in-person therapy at our Houston office. Our professional and dedicated therapists and counselors are waiting to help you. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for online counseling services if you think we can help. Contact us at (832)413-2410, or you can book an appointment online or schedule an online counseling session. We’re licensed to offer online counseling for the following states: California, Colorado and Texas.

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