Why Choose Group Counseling?

Asma Rehman, LPC

We know that group counseling can seem daunting.

Choosing therapy, opening yourself up to be vulnerable to one person is already difficult. So the idea of taking that relationship and transferring it to a new group of strangers can make people nervous.

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But group therapy can actually be one of the most effective forms of therapy, and there are many advantages to trying it. While it may seem like it would only work for extroverted, outgoing people, group therapy in reality  is ideal for people who are shy about talking about their own concerns or issues because they can absorb and learn so much from those around them without having to participate. (Though more participation is never a bad thing).

Why should you consider group counseling?

Group counseling provides the opportunity for you to hear the stories of others in a situation similar to yours, which can help you make sense of their own experiences, just by providing a new perspective. Often times it’s easier for us to process and overcome our own struggles when we see the perseverance & experiences of someone else.

What are the benefits of group counseling?

It reminds you that you’re not alone:

One of the major benefits of group therapy is simply in reminding you that you are not alone. You’re not the only one struggling, you’re not the only one who needs support, and you haven’t failed somehow by finding yourself in whatever situation you’re in. Taking time to sit amongst a group of people going through the same thing you are will help remind you that support is there when you need it & that you don’t have to go through it all alone.

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Sharing can be healing:

Group counseling follows the same rules of confidentiality as regular counseling–meaning, you don’t have to worry about other group members sharing your information. You aren’t speaking to anyone you know, so you can feel free to open up without fear of judgement or preconceived opinions of you or your situation. When you get the opportunity to share without the risk of judgement, you are able to be truly open and address the problems that you need support with. Allowing yourself this space to share can provide a valuable healing experience that you might not find in individual therapy or when venting to a friend.

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Groups help you improve your relational skills:

Groups provide you with the opportunity to engage with others & actively work on the way you relate to the people around you! While gaining perspective and support, group counseling provides you with the tools to improve your social skills and find common ground with people you may not think you have anything in common with. Sharing in a group helps you improve your communication skills, and just being present while others share helps to improve your listening skills. While individual therapy focuses on you as an individual, group counseling provides space for you to grow not only on your own, but through social interaction.

Groups provide you with perspective & motivation:

The members of your group won’t be just like you, even if they are struggling with something similar. But that means they can provide you with new perspectives and feedback that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. They can help you reconsider your initial responses to your experience or environment and help you learn to handle things in a new, more productive way. Seeing the progress of members of your group can help inspire and motivate you as well. You’ll want to come back to the group with good news or progress!

If you’re struggling in an area of life that could be helped with counseling, consider Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX for group counseling sessions. There’s no limit to how many sessions you can attend and you might find that you start to feel relief and renewed hope for the future after a few sessions. Reach out to our licensed therapists today to schedule an appointment and find out how group counseling can help you live your best life. You can reach us at (832) 413-2410 or by filling out the form on our website.

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