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Can EMDR Help Treat PTSD?

Even when it seems like the opposite is true, as humans we are resilient and have remarkable abilities to heal. This is true of our bodies and our brains as well. Trauma is something that everyone has experience with, whether big or small. Everyone’s experience with trauma is different, and so not everyone will recover […]

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Big T vs Little T Trauma

What is trauma? We’ve talked about it a bit on our blog before, but to experience trauma is to live through a distressing event that creates long lasting pain or distress in our lives, which in turn can impact our ability to cope or function. Trauma is describing that emotional response to the event–the long […]

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How to Bring Up My Trauma to My Therapist

What does it mean to experience trauma? To experience trauma is to live through an experience that creates long-lasting pain or distress in our lives. There is no one size fits all definition of trauma. Things like witnessing violence, surviving assault, or being in an abusive relationship are common understandings of trauma, but it is […]

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Talking to Your Therapist About Abuse

Recovering from abuse can be a long and arduous journey, but opening up about it in therapy can help you make great strides. Instead of feeling trapped and controlled by the abuse that existed in your past, you can start to rebuild trust, form better & more fulfilling relationships, and find areas for you to […]

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How To Find A Trauma Therapist

The first step in any therapeutic relationship is finding your therapist. Finding a therapist that works for you in any capacity can be tricky because therapy is so personal. If you’re looking for a therapist for a specific issue like trauma, there are even more factors to consider. Some of the things to consider are […]

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Things Never to Say to Trauma Survivors

Someone who has suffered through a traumatic event could benefit from having the right type of both personal and professional support. This personal support involves knowing what to say, and what you should avoid saying, in order to avoid further affecting the trauma survivor. Here are a number of phrases that shouldn’t be said to […]

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