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What to Expect During an Online Counseling Session

Are you considering online counseling? Online counseling is a great option for anyone looking for therapy services. It has gained popularity in the last year, but telehealth has lots of benefits not just during a pandemic, but all of the time! Oftentimes people ask if in person or online therapy is better, but the truth […]

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Grief and Coronavirus | Grief Recovery Center

Grief and Coronavirus

The last few weeks in the United States have been an unprecedented whirlwind with the spread of coronavirus, and essentially everyone is feeling it. Confusion, panic, and fear are circulating throughout the country right now, and unfortunately, it looks like this process is only beginning. You may not have even had time to process your […]

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy is an option that is growing in popularity lately, and with good reason! There are many reasons to choose online therapy. Therapy online allows people to fit therapy into their busy schedules in a space that is comfortable and accessible for them. This type of access can open up therapy as an option […]

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Five Reasons to Choose Online Therapy

Not everyone can get into an office for counseling services. Whether it’s scheduling conflicts, location, transportation issues, etc. we know that sometimes an in-office counseling session just isn’t always possible for everyone! Sometimes clients don’t feel comfortable talking to a counselor in a face-to-face situation. But they know that counseling could help them manage problems […]

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