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image of a couple sitting on opposite ends of a couch, hands in their respective laps, under a white block with green text that read How To Practice Self Care During Divorce

How to Practice Self-Care during Divorce

Divorce is consistently ranked one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Not only is ending a relationship complicated emotionally, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. Divorce often leads to one or both partners moving somewhere new, disentangling finances, and working out custody arrangements if there are kids in the mix. […]

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How to Recognize Gaslighting

What is Gaslighting? Have you heard of the term gaslighting? Gaslighting is a type of emotional manipulation where one person manipulates another person into questioning or doubting their own reality. (Okay, but what does that mean?) Have you ever been on the receiving end of any of these statements: “Come on, that didn’t happen.” “You’re […]

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