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Written by: Megan McCarty

The World Health Organization’s Constitution defines health with this comprehensive declaration:”Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

What a lofty initiative, this sort of inclusive wellness! And although reaching this exceptional level of health is a difficult feat, we cannot lose sight of the fact that is also an attainable one.

So how do we get there? What do we do? Lead me to the utopia of complete well-being!

Achieving optimal personal health can be likened to putting together a puzzle – your personal wellness puzzle.

It’s much like taking on the challenge of fashioning the 1,000-piece mega puzzle, which can be equated to working on becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Each puzzle piece represents a very important part of you, starting with the four key corner pieces-physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

As you work on transforming your life from a wellness point of view, you must shift your perspective to a whole person, all-encompassing view of health. Next, you have to decide how best to place the puzzle pieces of your well-being, ensuring the physical, mental, social, and spiritual ones become connected.

Lastly, you can no longer randomly focus on the pieces of your health individually and reactively. Instead, you must embrace the mindset that putting forth the effort to get all the pieces of your wellness puzzle fastened together is the only way to create the masterwork you desire…a healthier, happier life!

Then, with your plan in place and your mindset renewed, your wellness puzzle will begin to take shape!

When you start focusing on your wellness and connecting the cornerstones of your life, there may be times when seeking the help of a professional therapist is necessary.

A Licensed Professional Counselor is one such professional who can guide you in assessing your mental wellness in a specific manner.

Perhaps you need to become more mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Perhaps you need to discover some healthier coping skills. Maybe your communication skills and relationship skills need some evaluating…

With the help of a mental health professional, you can thoroughly examine your current mental functioning and commit to taking care of your mental health needs. You can learn to recognize, just like when your clothes are too tight and the number on the scale is creeping up ever so quickly, that mental and emotional problems are real.

You can also begin to take responsibility for debilitating issues such as haunting grief, relationship dysfunction, extreme anger, or fractured self-esteem, and see that such issues are signs of your need to seek professional mental health services.

And finally, you can celebrate that this crucial corner piece, when configured together with the other pieces of your wellness puzzle, will reveal the spectacular image of you!

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