Kervil Durand

Kervil Durand

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Life’s journey may lead to many different experiences. The experience of grief is an experience we may encounter as a result of unfortunate loss or losses in our lives. Emotional pain and distress are normal physiological responses to grief. And these responses may affect you personally and socially, having a negative impact on your daily and life goals. Seeking therapeutic assistance is an empowering decision and shows your willingness for change.

My experience as a clinician includes working with individuals who have experienced grief due to the loss of loved ones and or friends, loss of relationships, and life experiences. My professional experience consists of providing psychotherapy services to adults, teenagers, children, individuals of different genders, and sexual orientations. In my practice I know that a Client-Centered approach is important for demonstrating compassion, building trust, and supporting autonomy. In addition, I may utilize as needed, a Psychodynamic Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and a Strength-Based Perspective.

Throughout my life journey, I have experienced many different losses and had the ability to engage in healing processes that supported my personal and social growth. I know firsthand that the experience of grief can be enduring; however, I also know that the ability to cope effectively and accomplish life goals are possible and achievable.
Are you ready to begin your healing and empowering journey? I am looking forward to being part of your therapeutic support system.

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