Joe Hartsoe

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

In short: I believe everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive.

My counseling specializes in working with adults, couples, groups with a focus on men, elders, LGBTQIA+ folx, neurodivergent individuals, and survivors of sexual violence. Topics I have strong passion for are in helping those navigating grief, increasing self-esteem, exploring sexuality and sex health, managing anxiety, building relationships, and improving communication.

Believing in the power of individuals supporting one another, my facilitation of group counseling focuses on connection. We can learn from one another, and it is an honor to be a part of supporting groups in their healing.

Couples counseling is for everyone. The strongest relationships benefit from regular maintenance to remain healthy. Couples struggling benefit in building the ability to listen to understand not just respond. Couples counseling can be a place to discover the root cause of our issues and heal together.

Building trust and understanding are the first steps toward growth which is why I work hard to earn your trust and focus on issues important to you. Combining your expertise with my knowledge, I truly believe we can find solutions that help you live fully.

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Joe Hartsoe.

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