Jessica Barboza

Austin Benamon Grief Recovery Specialist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Certifications and/or training: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Therapy is a courageous step towards discovering your own inner peace and healing! It is an honor to witness the resilience of my clients and I carry a deep respect for the opportunity to support individuals, couples and families in their own stories of resilience and growth. Grief is a paradox; in death we learn more about the meaning of life, and in remembering the past, we learn how to live more fully in the present.

I have over six years of experience as a marriage and family therapist. As a published author, accomplished speaker, researcher, and supervisor in the field of family bereavement therapy, I believe it is important to combine the knowledge of science with the wisdom of experience. My approach to therapy is informed by the latest advancements in trauma healing which foster resilience through emotion regulation, meaning-making, and interpersonal resolutions.

In individual therapy, I aim to personalize my approach to fit your unique needs. In couple and family therapy, I focus on building and enhancing relational connections that will endure the challenges of daily stress and significant life changes.

I welcome clients of all cultures, races, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and religions, and passionately advocate for quality mental health care for all, especially those who experience oppression as a result of their identity or financial situation

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Jessica Barboza.

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