Busting the Myths About Anxiety

Asma Rehman, LPC

Myths about anxiety

What do you know about anxiety and anxiety treatments? In our Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX, we often hear of our clients’ concerns over what anxiety really is and what their treatment plan can entail. Our culture and the media gives a misinterpreted version of what anxiety is and how it affects our mental health. Let us look at some of these myths and dispel them on this week’s post so you and your family may gain some valuable insight in what to expect if you are looking to seek professional help for your anxiety issues.

Myth 1: You have to be struggling with some severe emotional and psychological challenges to seek therapy and receive anxiety treatment.

Fact: Anxious feelings are common and a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences every now and then. In fact, some degree of anxiety can actually improve our performance with specific tasks. Having said that, anxiety is a real disorder that affects individuals in their day-to-day activities. Although stress from anxiety is not a physically detectable disease where there are special diagnostic tools to confirm an illness, there still have some particular ways to diagnose and treat anxiety. It doesn’t have to become a debilitating you physically or emotionally before you seek anxiety treatment with our counselors.

Myth 2: You have to disclose every detail about your childhood to get the right anxiety treatment by our therapists.

Fact: Anxiety treatments are about focusing on your current state and how you can learn to strategize new ways of coping with your emotions, disruptive thoughts, and habitual behaviors. Although your childhood roots and histories are essential in fine-tuning a method that is a right fit for you, our anxiety specialists will not need you to fully reveal everything unless you feel comfortable to do so. Having said that, you should be open and honest about your current situation so that you can gain the most benefits out of your therapy session.

Myth 3: A panic attack episode often ends in a blackout, or you lose control of yourself.

Fact: Perhaps your biggest fear is for fear of losing control, or blacking out during one of your anxiety panic attacks, however, that is an unfound phenomenon with anxiety attacks. When you “blackout,” or faint, your body’s blood pressure is dropping, which does not happen during a panic attack. A panic attack is characterized by a sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure, causing your senses to heighten and be aroused. So, although you may feel so awful that you may as well pass out during an anxiety attack, it actually can’t happen.

Our anxiety and depression support group is a safe and inclusive space where you can be yourself and feel understood. Whether you’re looking to share your experiences, receive support, or simply connect with others who are going through similar struggles, our support group is here for you. Come share your journey with us, and let us offer a helping hand as you navigate through anxiety and depression.

Anxiety treatments from our counselors include helping you realize that you attack is more psychological than it is physical. Most clients that have panic attacks can work out their anxiety triggers, but some may develop panic disorders if they persevere with their fears of potential panic attacks in the future. It is a toxic cycle that definitely needs the professional help in anxiety treatment from Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX.

When you lose someone, it can be very traumatic. In our article on understanding grief-related anxiety, we talk about how to cope in healthy ways.

Myth 4: For your anxiety treatment with our therapists to work, you should avoid any environments or situations that may cause you to stress.

Fact: To avoid stressful situations and environments means that you need to stay at home for a very long time and not see another soul for months. That is entirely unrealistic and can deter you from your recovery process during your anxiety treatments. The act of avoiding stressful situations can only further your anxiousness around your perceived fears. Steering away from anything stressful may seem like a great solution to coping with your anxiety, however, taking a victim-mindset can only lead to more stress.

Anxiety treatments recommended by Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX will work slowly and reassuringly at your pace. They will reintroduce the source of your anxiousness into your life while providing you with the right strategies to cope with it with encouragement and compassion that is helpful for you in the long run.

Myths and Facts About Anxiety

Myth 5: Use a paper bag when you are feeling the brims of an anxiety attack as a part of your anxiety treatment.

Fact: There’s nothing wrong with using a paper bag to breathe into it when you are hyperventilating, but to carry a paper bag around with you wherever you go is an indication that you have not directly dealt with your anxieties. This, and all strategies like this, are used as a form of a Band-Aid to the actual issue. Anxiety treatments from our counselors prefer to help you work with your anxieties rather than work around your concerns. Because these behaviors will only enable and feed into your cycle of anxious emotions and behaviors.

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Myth 6: Anxiety treatments from our therapists do not work for some people.

Fact: Many therapists can agree, that anxiety does have a genetic disposition about it that makes some individuals more likely to become anxious. This does not mean that, however, that they need to be treated any differently in the form of therapy.

CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, has been found to be one of the best anxiety treatments used by our therapists. It does not matter what type of anxieties or panic attacks you may have, this form of therapy has successfully treated with positive results for those with anxiety issues.

Myth 7: Anxiety treatment is not a typical form of treatment in therapy.

Fact: One in every five Americans in their adult years have had some form of an anxiety episode in any given year. As such, anxiety treatments in our Grief Recovery Center is quite common amongst our clients. When you have an anxiety disorder or anxious tendencies, you are most often isolated from others to avoid stressful human interactions. This is why most clients find it surprising, yet comforting that they are not the only ones going through anxiety treatments.

Anxiety disorders and feeling anxious can make it very difficult to seek professional assistance to recover. We hope that we have dispelled some myths around the topic so that you feel safer to reach out for help if you are feeling an overwhelming anxiousness. Do you know of any myths around anxiety treatments? Let our therapists know and contact us at the Grief Recovery Center in Houston, TX for more info today.

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