Anxiety & Depression Support Group in Houston, TX

Have Anxiety & Depression Disrupted Your Life?

Does your mental health negatively impact your life, work, daily habits, and interpersonal relationships?

Do you feel worried, hopeless, or overwhelmed as a result of persistent anxious or negative thoughts?

You are not alone! According to John Hopkins Medicine, Approximately 9.5% of American adults ages 18 and over will suffer from a depressive illness and about 18% of people ages 18-54 in a given year, have an anxiety disorder.

If you are affected by an anxiety disorder, social anxiety, or depression and regularly have feelings that you struggle to understand, you may benefit from having a safe space to share and process your experience.

Understanding Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health disorders, impacting a large number of individuals worldwide. While everyone’s experience of mental health issues is different, a variety of signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression may be present, which includes;

  • Excessive worrying or guilt.
  • Feeling restless, on edge, sad, angry, or irritable.
  • Feeling anxious, worthless, or even suicidal.
  • Withdrawing from social connections.
  • Changes in appetite and sleep patterns or having trouble concentrating

The Relationship Between Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Anxiety may be triggered by pervasive thoughts about something that worries us. In turn, we feel bad or guilty, and a common challenge is to believe we have failed.
While the chances of experiencing depression are much higher when we already feel anxious, people who are depressed can often feel worried. In other words, one condition can easily trigger the other and feed a perpetuating cycle.

The Importance of Seeking Support

If you feel the symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are impacting your lifestyle, it is important you seek support.
This can help you learn healthy coping skills or establish healthy habits that will not only lessen the severity of your symptoms but also accelerate your journey to recovery.

The Navigator Group: Anxiety & Depression Support Group in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas Support Group for Anxiety & Depression

Support Group for Anxiety & Depression in Houston, TX

Support Groups Benefit Individuals Struggling with Anxiety & Depression

Support groups can benefit anyone struggling with anxiety and depression by providing a safe space to process and share your feelings.

FAQ About Anxiety & Depression Support Group in Houston, TX

In a support group, experienced therapists facilitate discussion between participants.
Our support group accepts all adult clients experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
This is a common concern people have. However, due to the highly personal and private nature of the information shared within the supportive community of the group, anything discussed in the meetings remains confidential, unless immediate danger is identified.

Find Support & Hope With Anxiety & Support Group in Houston, TX

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression, or you seek treatment for anxiety, or you are simply looking for supportive environments where mental health professionals or a licensed therapist can guide you through the healing process via in-person meetings, then contact Grief Recovery Center today.

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