Rattika Ou

Rattika LCSW Griefrecovery

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Alternate languages: Lao & Thai

Have you ever felt guilt, fear, deep sadness, shame? These emotions form a tempest within us during life’s trials. Yet, amidst these emotional tempests, we can find comfort and resilience.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker committed to helping individuals heal. I believe everyone has the capacity for innate mental health to move beyond challenges. I graduated with a master’s degree in Social Work. I’ve worked with clients and their families of all age groups since 2017.

Throughout my clinical practice, I have been helping individuals struggling with anxiety, grief, depression, trauma, relationship issues, stress, women’s issues, life transitions, and addictions.

My goal is to help you find your innate mental health. Together, in this safe space, you can freely express and process emotions. Let’s weave a sanctuary where vulnerability is strength, where healing is a sunrise painting in the sky with possibility.

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Rattika Ou.

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