Grief Recovery Center Continues Helping Employees Recover From Workplace Trauma


With 2019 halfway over, Grief Recovery Center has increased its efforts in working with more companies seeking on-site counseling services for their employees. Unfortunately, the death of a fellow employee, workplace violence, or traumatic incidents are not all that uncommon these days within a local work environment.

Grief Recovery Center has long recognized and championed the importance of reaching out to companies and sharing with them their options on combating employee grief. Many places have Employee Assisted Programs (EAP), which is an employer-sponsored program, in place with the sole job of getting employees the help needed to deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their job performance, health, and well-being. As more companies have reached out to request Grief Recovery Center’s licensed grief counselors to come in and offer time slots to employees who want or desire someone to speak to, GRC has also taken proactive measures to inform businesses around Texas how they can further address employee grief quickly and get counselors on-site in a timely manner. Supervisors may also refer employees for a session (supervisor referral) based upon poor performance or conduct matters, for there could be underlying factors unbeknownst to the manager that needs to be addressed.

One of the top Houston counselors at GRC, Asma Rehman, states that “Working with companies & organizations to provide counseling to assist both employees as well as employers to work through different challenges, either personal or career-wise, can have a huge impact on productivity within the company. One of the key areas seen with so many EAPs where they fall short is while they have these important initial programs in place for GRC to come out and speak with employees following a tragic workplace event, they do not have a system in place for follow-up. Not all employees are ‘hit’ at the same time with grief, and problems can arise later after the counselors here have already left.”

Grief Recovery Center has been actively supplying companies they have worked with in the past, with a follow-up program to reach those employees who are potentially having delayed responses to traumatic events in the workplace, as well as following up with previous employees they have spoken with in order to see how they are progressing. Studies have shown that by implementing this service, employers can see a variety of favorable results such as lower healthcare cost, improved recruitment and retention efforts, reduction of absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, improved workplace morale, and more.

If your business is faced with any tragic event or incident that is deemed necessary to have on-site grief and loss counseling, Grief Recovery Center can supply this service for you as well as a follow-up program to make sure your employees are given the opportunity to talk about it. For an appointment or just more information, contact their office number is 832-413-2410.

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