Therapist Group Expands Counseling Services in Houston TX


Couples Counseling has seen a rise in online searches as more and more couples are looking to receive outside help as opposed to simply letting things dissolve. Couples guidance works in a number of ways, but the most common approach, as highlighted by Grief Recovery Center, is to start with an assessment of the relationship itself. This information has been a starting point for GRC to capture more online real estate and bring more awareness and options for couples seeking help.


With couples therapy, every session is different. Asma Rehman, the Head Counselor at Grief Recovery Center says, “What partners expect to discover and what they discover are often two very different things. It is a personal process that involves a lot of trust and patience on behalf of the couple, as well as the counselor. There needs to be a willingness to trust the process and be uncomfortable with parts of the therapy sessions so that one can get the most out of these sessions. Clients should also be able to make decisions about their family and how to move forward within their relationship.”


On staff, GRC has Licensed Professional Counselors, of whom are trained to help romantic partners identify what is causing them grief in their relationship. These counselors work together with couples to come out of on top of the issues on the other side feeling more secure about their partnership and having a clear vision of how to manage things for the future. Grief Recovery Center strongly believes in the notion of there being no reason to go at it alone when there is a group of highly experienced and trained therapists available to help.


For more information regarding Couples Counseling in Houston, Tx, contact Grief Recovery Center on their website at or by phone at (832) 413-2410.




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