Teen Support Group in Houston

Teenagers are at a difficult point in life and may be struggling with a wide variety of issues, from mental health conditions to anger management to sexual orientation. As a result, they may need to find support from both peers and a mental health professional. Teens looking for a teen support group in Houston can find what they need at Grief Recovery Center.

What is a Teen Support Group?

A teen support group consists of a group of teenagers who come together under the guidance of a therapist or counselor to get help with an array of issues that they may be facing as they approach adulthood. The group provides a safe space for teens to get advice and support from one another as well as guidance from a professional who can help them work through difficult emotions.

Teen support groups may focus on a single issue, such as emotional regulation, or a single diagnosis, such as bipolar disorder. They may also provide a way for teens who share a particular experience to connect, as would be the case with a homeschool group. Teens in the group get access to a variety of resources to help them work through the issues that brought them to the group and lead happy and healthy lives.

Benefits of Joining a Teen Support Group

Teens from middle school through high school can benefit from participating in our teen support group. In a support group, teens receive support and feedback from their peers, something that can be helpful in understanding their circumstances and building bonds with other teens in similar situations.

Support groups can provide assistance for teens during a difficult period of their lives or may continue for an indefinite period. Being part of a teen support group in Houston is a safe way for teenagers to connect with one another, make new friends, and get support from a licensed mental health provider who has the expertise to help them navigate their emotions and deal with issues of independence.

Where Does Our Teen Support Group Meet?

Some teen support groups conduct online meetings. At Grief Recovery Center, we believe that a virtual meeting can’t replace in-person meetings. Our Talk It Out group, which is available for teens ages 14 to 17, meets at the Grief Recovery Center, located at the following address:

What Can I Expect at Teen Support Groups?

The Talk It Out Group is designed to help teens with an array of issues, including relationships, self-esteem, loneliness, pressure, depression, drug and alcohol use, body image, anxiety, and abuse.

Teens who join our support group should expect to find a warm, welcoming environment with fellow members who understand how difficult it can be to be a teenager in our culture and at this point in history. They’ll also find an experienced mental health professional from our treatment center who will shepherd them through the experience and help them provide and accept support from their peers.

Our teen support group is a safe space where teenagers from age 14 to age 17 can share their experiences, talk about issues they’re facing, and get helpful resources that they can use to navigate their emotions and relationships.

A teen support group is not a substitute for individual therapy for teens who need it but it can serve as a supplement to individual talk therapy as well as being an outlet for teens who can benefit from peer and professional support.

You’re Not Alone! Join Our Teen Support Group Today!

Sometimes, a little support and encouragement are all teens need to find their way and grow into healthy and thriving adults.

Whether you’re a parent whose teen is struggling or a teen in search of peer support, our Talk It Out group can help! Contact us via email at info@griefrecoveryhouston.com or call us at 832-413-2410 to register your teen.

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