Sarah Hoffman

Sarah Hoffman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Do you feel worn down and exhausted by life, struggle to make it through the day, or just want to crawl back into bed as soon as you get up? Perhaps you find it hard to concentrate, your mind wondering off when you should be paying attention?  Many struggles can drain us of our energy, especially the struggle of losing someone or something important to us. 

Though it can be hard, finding yourself and your joy in life is important to your well-being and allows you to be present for the things that matter most. I’m here to help. 

I have many years of experience supporting young adults, adolescents, and families through various difficult experiences and emotions. These include grief and loss, anxiety, depression, identity development, stress management, developing healthy peer relationships, communication skills, and parenting skills. 

We will identify what changes you’d like to make in your life, come up with a plan, and I will share tools and strategies to help you make these changes.  You decide what to discuss in therapy, and I will never push you to talk about anything you don’t wish to discuss.  The tools I’ll share with you are ones I’ve been refining over my career, utilizing myself and helping people just like you. 

Life can be hard, and you deserve support to get you through the tough parts. I look forward to helping you get to a place where life feels manageable, and you wake up with the energy to face the day.

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