Regina Lisiecki

Regina Lisiecki

Licensed Professional Counselor

I once had a wise friend tell me, “Welcome to your new normal,” after I lost my mother in 2015. I understand what it is like to try and navigate the new normal after a loss. A new world that has no guidebook or instructions, a new experience where you can feel lost, hopeless, and alone. Many events can cause us to experience a new normal and no matter what caused it, it can be an overwhelming and devastating time to endure. You don’t have to endure it alone. Allow me to walk along with you on your journey to healing.

Even though I have worked with many different populations and individuals, I believe that life is the best teacher and it is my own experiences that have equipped me with the wisdom to help others. I’ve not experienced every type of loss but having lost family members, pets, jobs, relationships, and youth, I know there are no limitations on loss and I can empathize with you.

I received my formal education from Sam Houston State University and graduated with my Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2014. I like to utilize expressive and creative arts as a form of healing, but only if that is something my client is interested in. Additionally, as a person-centered therapist, I aim to provide a nurturing, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, one that fosters compassion, growth, and healing. Your new normal may be your own, but I am here to help you through it.

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Regina Lisiecki.

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