Pet Loss Support Group Houston, TX

Pets are members of the family. They are reliable companions, like siblings and friends. It is only natural to worry when our pets become ill and grieve when they pass. Grieving the death of a pet is a normal experience that should be recognized and cared for accordingly. You should take comfort in the fact that there are support groups available for people to share their experiences in a safe and confidential place.

How Does The Group Work?

Pet support groups meet at a set time and are facilitated by one of our licensed psychotherapists who understands the connections between humans and their pet companions. Losing a pet is painful, and all too often, friends and family are unable to empathize. So, attending a pet loss support group helps.

Support group meetings give participants a place to talk about their emotional needs regarding the loss of their pet. The people who attend determine the focus of each meeting. The therapists facilitate each meeting so participants can talk about their grief and discuss how to manage their grief in their daily lives. The therapists also provide resources and information about the grieving process.

Participants are free to talk about their memories of their beloved companions. Through empathy and hope, participants often develop friendships with their fellow group members as they share the grieving experience with them. Participants can also sit quietly and listen to others talk about their pets. The absolute goal of the group is to provide comfort and companionship to all who attend.

If you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet or have a loved one who is grieving, our pet support services and group sessions are here for you. Grieving is a normal part of life, and getting help and support from people who have similar experiences builds comfort.

Rather than suffering alone, we encourage you to attend our pet support group.

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