2019 On-Site Grief Response Services For Workplace Trauma & Loss in Houston Tx


Grief Recovery Center has actively grown it’s critical incident onsite services this year for the Greater Houston Area.

2018 really showcased a growing need that has been greatly under-served in the community, with many companies having dealt with employee grief but not always not knowing where or how to address helping employees recover from trauma, even with the Employee Assisted Programs that are in place.

Workplaces affected by natural or unnatural disasters, thefts, unfortunate incidents, fatality, or threat of life, for example, will experience a disruption that if left untreated can trigger repressed recovery for the employee, their family, and even the company itself. While it is common for such responses to occur, it sometimes can become very difficult to find the pathway to healing and well-being.

GRC is readily available to provide on-site grief support to help employees cope with the aforementioned events in the workplace. A few of the services to be highlighted are:

– On-site grief support in the early days following a death

– Specific grief education for the workplace

– Follow-up grief support groups, if applicable

Asma Rehman Grief Counseling

GRC states “Providing compassion and education to grieving employees is what makes the difference between a good workplace and a

great workplace.” Many factors may come into play in terms of how to keep and cultivate a healthy work environment. Presenting employees with the opportunity to express, deal with, or even just sit in a group and hear others acknowledge their feelings can go a long way in helping them cope and heal from any number of experiences.


If you or your company representatives in Human Resources, for example, are interested in more information about Grief Recovery Center’s on-site grief counseling, please email or call, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM CST, Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM CST.

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