Norma Delgado

Norma Delgado Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Like most people, I aim to live a meaningful and well balanced life. Easier said than done, I realize. I find that one achieves balance with the help of others, through the connections we make. Our relationships reflect what we value.

What is the most important relationship in your life? Is it with your spouse? Child? Family? Friends? Self? How do you care for those relationships? How do you care for yourself? At any given point in our lives, we juggle multiple relationships, all of which demand our attention, energy, and time.

As a Marriage & Family therapist, I have the unique privilege of sharing in the lives of others; offering a different perspective on ways to communicate and connect. I work with individuals striving to make positive changes in their lives, to feel empowered and encouraged to live authentic lives.

I specialize in working with families and couples to create harmony, build trust, and strengthen bonds. I posses extensive experience addressing grief and loss, trauma, abuse, depression, and self esteem issues. I focus on client strengths and goals working toward comprehensive solutions and growth.

I am grateful to practice therapy and provide support and understanding to all those in search of meaning and balance.

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Norma Delgado.