Megan McCarty

Megan McCarty Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

What led me to become a Licensed Professional Counselor was my strong belief that mental health is a critical part of well-being. Today, 10+years later, my work as a counselor has reinforced to me that healthiness is definitely not limited to just your physical health; maintaining good mental health is equally important. With this belief in mind, I want my clients to grow emotionally through the counseling process and see my role in our work as one of an encourager and supporter. I trust that my clients possess within themselves all that is needed to overcome life’s challenges. I find true joy in helping clients discover their inner strengths, successfully manage difficulties, increase self-acceptance and lead a more fulfilling life.

My experience has led me to have a real passion for working with adults in the areas of relationship conflict, divorce recovery, men’s and women’s issues and navigating life transitions. I can also offer a Christian based perspective to clients searching for a faith based approach to coping with life’s trials. Struggles such as the end of a significant relationship, beginning a new stage of life, finding new purpose and meaning for yourself, having a general feeling of inadequacy and doubting your ability to handle life’s twists and turns can be difficult paths to traverse alone. I consider it a courageous step in the right direction when clients seek professional help during such times.

My goals as a counselor are to create an accepting environment for clients, support them while they cope with the overwhelming stressors of life, guide them in realizing their strengths, and work with them to make positive changes. I hope that by walking alongside them on their personal journeys, I can empower them to transform their lives. Make yourself and your health a priority…schedule an appointment and commit to getting back on track in your life today!

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Megan McCarty.