Ieshia Webb

Licensed Professional Counselor

Are you suffering from grief and loss? Have you found yourself struggling with heartache, doubt, constant distractions, loss of hope, or feelings of helplessness? “Don’t get over it, start a therapeutic relationship with me and learn to, get through it”. Please know that you are not alone, and you most definitely do not have to heal alone. Many individuals struggle daily to function with everyday tasks due to being “stuck in sorrow”.

I have 14 years of experience in the counseling field. In that, I have a significant wealth of knowledge and training in proper mental health coping skills and strategies, I take delight in each encounter with my clients. I strive to help them discover their unique path for healthy grieving/healing, in a safe and secure environment.

Grief is a feeling that envelopes a grieving heart. In 2017, my family experienced excruciating heartache and pain when we learned of the sudden passing of my brother due to a major car accident. All of us, especially his wife and children, had to learn to cope with the waves of pain and the waves of hope, as both crashed on the shore of my families’ soul.

Grief is most definitely hard work! If you are ready and willing to get your life back on track, in need of a push in the right direction, or just in need of professional assistance to get over the hump, that has you stuck, I am the therapist to help guide you there.

I have had the pleasure of providing counseling services for individuals of all ages, with over 10 years of experience working with adolescents in the school setting on behavior management and drug prevention/awareness strategies. My other clinical experience includes, but is not limited to, anxiety, stress management, depression, relationship conflicts, self-esteem, anger management, & life transitions. I utilize my therapeutic skills to help all individuals to continue to push through the hard times and strive for hope and joy no matter the circumstances.

When scheduling an appointment, please ask for Ieshia Webb.

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