Deborah Mata

Deborah Mata Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

Change is the only constant in life. As a society, we all face grief which I am passionate about helping clients transform from. With 12 years of clinical practice, I assist clients affected by stressful transitions like relationships ending, job loss, divorce, and death. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and eclectic methods to help manage such overwhelming life events.

My clients face anxiety, depression, disorders related to identity/body image, disordered eating and addictions. Some of my clientele have experienced traumatic events yet learn to have a new relationship with themselves and their significant others. One of my strengths is solving relationship problems specific to emotional bonding and intimacy to solve problems and move beyond blame.

Advocating a healthy relationship with self and others, I assess inner issues like identity, body image, and desire. I evaluate outer issues like workplace discrimination, family conflict and other barriers to life satisfaction.

Often affected by major life changes, clients acquire insights and skills amidst relationship challenges and mental or spiritual crises. Clients regain footing in life despite problems stemming from issues of past violence or victimization whether rooted in personal or professional life. I build safety and stabilization for healing by uncovering and discovering challenges to empower clients.

Trained in Critical Stress Debriefing, CBT, Trauma, Mindfulness and Psychological First Aid, I am seeing clients affected by the global shifts in our changing world. I am inviting essential workers, treating compassion fatigue and promoting extreme self-care and other residual losses.

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