Christina Knight

Christina Knight

Licensed Professional Counselor

“We are all the heroes of our own stories.” -Mary McCarthy

As any hero, we can be beset upon by many dragons and monsters in our journey that can wound us or have been our nemesis from the beginning. As your counselor, I can’t fight them for you but I can help you to learn all about the monsters and how to arm yourself to defeat them. I use a collaborative multimodal process to help you on this journey arming you with many tools and skills needed to face these problems.

My 7 years working in psychiatric hospitals and three years in outpatient treatment have given me excellent experience in working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and problems. Not only that, as your fellow human being, I too know the slings and arrows of the world and can relate to you on a personal level. I am specialized in working with depression, anxiety, ADHD, relationship issues, and trauma. My CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) skills have been certified by the Beck Institute.

You will find me to be an enthusiastic ally in your cause as I am in this profession because it is my passion and my joy. I have had the honor of hearing so many different stories and histories that I now have the motto “You can neither shock me nor make me judge you.” For no matter what, we are all heroes writing our present and future.

Let’s write a new chapter together.

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