Austin Benamon

Austin Benamon Grief Recovery Specialist

Certified Mental Health Practitioner

Certifications and/or training: Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Behavioral Change Specialist

Being truly heard is a basic human need. I believe we all have the power within us to make positive changes; we just need a safe place to be vulnerable enough to discover that power. Grief Recovery can be that safe place for you. If you’re ready to experience an improved quality of life, more successful relationships, or if you just need support dealing with life’s challenges, I, along with the Grief Recovery Method would love to take the journey with you.

I have worked with people of varying cultures, sexual orientations, ages, and beliefs. I have experience in grief recovery and cognitive behavioral therapy. My style is eclectic, as I prioritize using techniques best suited for an individual’s particular situation.
The Human: My friends and family often describe me as cultural architect and trendsetter for my generation. At first glance, I’m an accomplished CEO and leader of other nonprofit organizations, but underneath the power ties, I believe I am a trailblazer whose focus is on relevance and innovation.

The plight of the underserved is one that I strive to rectify. Growing up, I was abused, ignored, shuffled through many residential care facilities and foster homes, and unnecessarily diagnosed – mostly because no one truly listened. However, my memories of those who invested their time and resources into me ignites my motivation to serve all communities. The transparency about challenges I faced spotlights the social inequality and political injustice often endured by marginalized groups. However, conquering those injustices and building equity is my life’s work.

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