Amy Gready

Licensed Professional Counselor

I know my own life has experienced peaks and valleys. What we don’t always know is how best to positively navigate those challenging times of life ensuring we emerge healthy, and possibly stronger than before!

My passion is fulfilled from supporting and empowering others to live as healthy a life as possible by strengthening confidence, capabilities, and life-skills utilized to manage one’s life as best as possible.  I believe becoming aware and confident in our own strengths, and employing self-help strategies, can offer individuals positive navigation of what they can control in their life. I have worked with adolescents and adults as a Licensed Professional Counselor and my experience has shown me that we all have strengths and skills that we can utilize and build from, to become our own champion.

To experience loss/grief is an element of living.  Becoming more capable and knowledgeable in managing these times in our lives, I believe, is important to our physical and mental well-being. I believe this because of the loss/grief I have experienced, and continue to be impacted by in my life.  One of my goals when working with others is to provide a safe space for discovering a positive process of working through this time of life.  Each person and situation are unique and must be effectively addressed as such.
I have a Masters in Communications and a Masters in Education- Counseling. I have worked in the field of education for 23 years and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in schools and private practice for 5 years.  I specialize with adolescents (14-18 y.o.), LGBTQ+ teens and adults, career counseling for all age groups, persons experiencing anxiety, stress, and other life episodes.

I feel a client’s journey of discovery, evolving, and learning themselves, leads towards living a more genuine and productive life. I find it a privilege for me to be a contributor towards assisting others along their life journey. The counseling relationship can be a powerful method for positive change. I look forward to working with those who are seeking this positive change in their life!

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