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Managing Mental Health
March 13th, 2016
There are a lot of healthy ways to manage grief, anxiety, depression, stress or any other mental health challenge. This post will be focus on some of my favorite ways to maintaining mental health.

Journaling. This activity doesn’t require a lot of material and can be done almost anywhere...
What is Anxiety
February 2nd, 2016
Racing heart. Upset stomach. Sweaty palms. Difficulty breathing. If you’ve experienced any of these, chances are, you were experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is inevitable and affects all of us: children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Children often experience anxiety when starting school. Moving towards adolescents, maybe you remember your first kiss...
Coping With the Holidays
October 19, 2015
The holidays can be an especially tough time for anyone that has experienced a significant emotional loss. During the holiday season, certain triggers can bring on memories and feelings about loved ones that are deceased or who are no longer present during the celebrations. Even though many of the holiday rituals and routines involve being around family and friends, you may not feel up for celebrating as you have in the past. Here are some ways to cope with the holidays...
What to Say to a Grieving Person
September 19, 2015
Last week I shared what not to say to a grieving person. This week, I want to focus on what to say to a grieving person.

I can’t imagine how you feel – this is one of the best statements you can say to a griever, for good reasons. Because you don’t know how someone feels, this statement is accurate. Sure you can relate to how someone else may feel but you will never know how someone is feeling. So when people say, “I know how you feel,” that is inaccurate. Only the griever knows how he/she feels because he/she had a unique relationship with the loss. Also, this is an open-ended statement so it gives the griever the option to decide if they want to talk about the loss or if they don’t want to talk about their loss.
Unhelpful Words Said to a Grieving Person
September 11, 2015
When it comes to grief and loss, we as a society, are unsure about what to say and what not to say to someone that’s lost a loved one, pet, recently divorced or any other loss. So most of us say what we’ve learned from others and think it’s helpful. Well, the truth is, there are a lot of unhelpful, yet common, statements that are said to a grieving person. Keep in mind that though these statements are expressed with good intentions, they are unhelpful.
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